TRAIN – Part 1

Once it is established that it is time to start weight training, the question “now what?” has to be answered. In this article I will first talk about what happens most often and the problem with this approach. Then I will give you what every athlete should be doing and the reasons for this.

Let me explain by giving you a couple of examples. Last year I had two Wrestlers, one who competed at 160 the other at 171. Both where pretty strong Squatting over three hundred(I believe 325) for 10 reps. that is very good, but they both pulled 405 for 10 on the Trap Bar! That is a big difference in total work done on each set. 3250lbs. to 4050lbs. For the wrestler — or anyone else who is willing to do this kind of all-out gut busting work — this is huge for building muscle.

Like the squat, the Trap Bar Deadlift hits the legs, Hips, and Lower Back. It has the added benefit of also working the muscles of the forearm because you must hold the bar. this is great for the grip, which is so important in wrestling. one other thing, the shoulders are forced to work hard in order to hold the weight in both lifts.

A paragraph back I mentioned FREE WEIGHTS. Your work outs better be comprised of mainly FREE WEIGHTS.The reasons are quite simple. 1) stabilizing muscles needed to control the bar or dumbbells. This is very important for all athletes. It builds the muscles around your joints and helps strengthen tendons and ligaments. 2) Machines tend to lock you in a single path. The movement of the machine is controlled by the pivot arm, which may put you in a bad position during the lift. 3) They tend to work with a cam or lever arm which may not be suited to your strengths and weaknesses.

You don’t have to take my word on this one. Just look at all the major professional sports teams and major universities. They are all getting rid of their machines and retooling with free weight stations. My friend who coaches out of state gets offers of machines donated to his weight room at his school all the time. It would probably occur here to but our schools, I bet, would have some rules against taking donations.

Not much need to talk about the BENCH PRESS. The one lift I bet everyone is doing if they are doing anything is the Bench. That should be a good thing. When done correctly it is a major movement for overall upper body strength. I would suggest to make sure you are doing them correctly. Keep your elbows in at @ 45 degrees from the body. Don’t let them flair out, you will eventually hurt your shoulders.

The Bench Press targets the Chest, Triceps, Upper Back and Shoulders as primary and stabilizing muscles.

I will end part 1 here. I hope that this will set the “wheels in motion.” As always if you have any questions or comments I will be glad to answer them. Till next time: Coach Ellinger

7 thoughts on “TRAIN – Part 1”

  1. Excellent article Coach Ellinger. Makes me want to start lifting again. I knew “Coach” when he was just Willie at BHS. 1980-1983. “Sgt Fang” says keep up the great work you are doing.

  2. Hey Dan, great to hear from you! Thanx for the feedback, I am glad that you like TRAIN! We will certainly keep up the work of promoting and hopefully adding to LI Wrestling. My goal is to have some new info out every Sun. night. Look for Part III of TRAIN and others to follow. Please spread the word about LIGHTHOUSE. If you’re in Bethpage and want to workout, give me a shout; it would be great having you down. Will

  3. For all those pencil neck geeks out there who dont know the Legendary Coach Willy Ellinger. Take it from a guy who lived the coach Ellinger life style for 4 or 5 years in the old SCSU days. (They use to have a wrestling team) . Good proper training and good nutrition are the building blocks to long life and successful athletic careers. Not everybody is born with genes that will make you an NFL player or a MLB Ball player , but follow the Coach Wills’ life style and you will max out your pontential. One quote I’ve heard more than anybody else (I Think) and could quite possibly be the 11th commandment (According to Will)” Listen skinny, there are NO short cuts” .

  4. I was LMAO when I read this! Long live SOUTHERN WRESTLING! We must overturn title IX and restore so many of the countries lost wrestling programs.

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