Nassau Preseason Rankings 2008 v1.0

Nassau county preseason high school wrestling rankings. Top three wrestlers ranked in each weight class.

96 lbs division

too early to identify

103 Lbs. Class

  1. Will Montgomery (Seaford) – 10
  2. Manning (MacArthur) – ??
  3. Joe Barbato (Garden City) – 10

112 Lbs. Class

  1. Vincent Pecora (Baldwin) – 12
  2. Mike Lofrese (Garden City) – 9
  3. Alex Grant (MacArthur) — 12

119 Lbs. Class

  1. Sean Kempf (MacArthur) – 12
  2. Danny Arnel (Syosset) – 12
  3. Anthony Facchini (Seaford) – 12

125 lbs division

  1. Kelly Palmer (Clarke) – 12
  2. Ariel Guerrero (MacArthur) – 12
  3. Danny LoFrese (Garden City) – 12

130 lbs division

  1. Quimes DelaCruz (Wantagh) – 12
  2. Eric Kaufman (Calhoun) – ??
  3. Mike Walker (Uniondale) – ??

135 lbs division

  1. Paul Liguori (Wantagh) – 12
  2. Toori (MacArthur) – ??
  3. Mike Tucillo (Jericho) – 11

140 lbs division

  1. Brian Herold (MacArthur) – 12
  2. Mac Maldarelli (Calhoun) – 12
  3. Rob Mancino (East Meadow) – 12

145 lbs division

  1. Matt Eberlein (Island Trees) – 12
  2. Andre Berry (Uniondale) – 12
  3. Troy Sterling (Uniondale) – 12

152 lbs division

  1. John Greisheimer (Wantagh) – 12
  2. German Meza (Bethpage) – 12
  3. Robert Grabher (North Shore) – ??

160 lbs division

  1. Nick Camera (Plainedge) – 12
  2. Joe Carbonaro (MacArthur) – ??
  3. ?? Giametta (MacArthur) – ??

171 lbs division

  1. Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh) – 10
  2. John Daddino (Sewanaka East) – 10
  3. Randazzo (Syosett) – 12

189 lbs division

  1. Matt Loew (Wantagh) – 11
  2. Weyland Roberts (Freeport) – 12
  3. Leonard Dul (Minneola) – ??

215 lbs division

  1. Thomas Jackson (Farmingdale) – 12 
  2. Dan Nicolino (Island Trees) – 12
  3. Conner Horl (Garden City) – 12

285 lbs division

  1. Andrew Gregory (Baldwin) – 12
  2. Chris Williams (Syosett) – 12
  3. Emmanuel Agu (Freeport) – 12

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18 thoughts on “Nassau Preseason Rankings 2008 v1.0”

  1. i’d think that Daddino and Kavanagh may separate and go 160, 171…but we will see. Not taking anything away from Camera…he looked very tough…good defensive wrestler. 160-171 should be very intersting in Nassau this year.

  2. I think I heard something about Arnel being at CSH this year so he would be in d2. not sure if that is fact, but just throwing it out there.

  3. Thanks for the information liwrestling2. I hate preseason rankings. They are too hard to get right. Don’t know the weights; don’t know who is back. Treat these rankings as a draft. If you have information, send it to the rankings(at)lighthousewrestling(dot)com or you can post what you know as a comment.

  4. Eric Kaufman at 130 is from Massapequa, not Calhoun. Randy Kaufman who did not place last year is from Calhoun.

  5. Dan Nicolino and Tom Jackson county finals this year. Jackson is entering a weight class he’s never been in before. So if anything Nicolino should get the top spot with his experience. Nicolino has the advantage already.

  6. These rankings are very accurate if you ask me but carbanero Mac and Toori Mac both graduated but i think i heard kempf going 112 and pecora 103 again should be interesting both are going to be monsters at those weights and Herold Ligouri are going to be really big at the weights also and i heard ligouri is going 130 this year

  7. I thought for sure that Weyland Roberts was a juniro last year…maybe I’m wrong. Also, are both Agu boys from Freeport gone or is one of them back? They both went to the round before placing in the counties. Volino is the 285 poubder from IT last year…maybe he is back. There were also guys from Plainview and Divison who placed 5th/6th at 285 last year…anyone know if they are back? Also I’d give Jackson the nod since he is a ret. county placewinner…no disrespect to Nicolino but that is how pre-season rankings should work.

  8. emmanuel agu graduated. david is the one how is back. also the 285 pounder from plainview graduated but the kid who placed 6th from division i think his name is madazzar is going to be a junior this year. also volino graduated but they also have a good 285 pound guy i forget his name something with a “Z”. he should be in the top 6 once they come out

  9. dul from mineola shouldn’t be ranked considering mineola moved down to DII and a few of these kids graduated other then that these rankings are pretty right on for the pre season

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